Lil Pump Rushes Off Stage Mid-Concert After Tear Gas Attack & Nearly Passes Out

Lil Pump was left nearly unconscious after tear gas was unleashed into the crowd of his concert! Find out what happened here!

Well, this is absolutely terrifying. Lil Pump had been performing at Rock City in Nottingham, the United Kingdom on Nov. 16, when he became visibly confused, according to TMZ. That’s because the shirtless rapper smelled tear gas, which had been dispersed into the crowd by an unknown person, and he immediately left the stage. And while backstage, he nearly passed out as medics treated him.

However, thankfully, he was able to make a full recovery and finish out the rest of his concert. He even got on top of his tour bus to perform! However, Lil Pump wasn’t the only one who suffered through the tear gas attack. Apparently, two other concertgoers who were in the middle of the smoke, which caused a building-wide evacuation, were treated as well for minor injuries. At this point, the perpetrator remains unknown, but authorities have ruled out terrorism.

We reported earlier how the rapper was arrested on Feb. 14 after he fired a gun at his home, according to TMZ. They then arrested the teen for discharging a weapon in an inhabited place, after deciding he was the one who fired the gun instead of an intruder, as was his original story. He is currently being held in juvenile detention. Lil Pump recently appeared on SNL with Kanye West where the two rappers performed “I Love It”… while dressed as water bottles.

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